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Social Espresso: Back at it! 

It’s safe to say, it’s been an unusual couple of years working within the events industry across the UK and Europe (as I’m sure you all know!) With our bread and butter events completely plucked from the ether overnight, we were left with an uncertain future and an empty HQ. 

Despite this, we were lucky enough to spend this ‘limbo period’, cultivating and building our own coffee brand and sister company, Elsewhere Coffee Roasters. This helped us coast through until UK events started springing back and we could fire up the event kit again! With an established coffee brand behind us, and events trickling back in, our HQ was back to it’s usual busy state.

Although our UK events were back, we were still eager to serve our coffee overseas… Finally after many months of being confined to the UK for events, we’re delighted to say we’re now back in full swing!

As restrictions in Europe continued to ease up, in came the welcoming flow of large events in exciting places, that we couldn’t wait to jump into! We desperately missed the bustle and buzz of thousands of excited attendees… We missed arriving in and exploring vibrant new cities, and of course we missed the satisfaction of serving hundreds of smiling faces fantastic coffee.

Two weeks ago, the Social Espresso team had our first abroad job post Covid, and what a way to kick it all off in the beautiful city of Rome. The sun was shining and the coffee was flowing!