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Smoothie bar recipes that will zest up your next event!

Not only do we provide a top mobile coffee service, we can craft expert smoothies too! Our full smoothie bar service can either work alongside our coffee bars, or can serve as a fruity alternative for your event. Our self contained smoothie bars have been at events and conferences all over Europe. Find out below what some of our winning smoothie recipes are, and give them a whirl at home! 


Mixed summer fruits, banana, oat milk and honey. 

The perfect summer blend! Contrary to its name this smoothie is delicious any time of the year. A blend of sweet tart flavours from the summer fruits balanced with creamy sweetness from the oat milk, banana and honey, always makes this a guest favourite! 

Summer Bliss


Kale, kiwi, pineapple, oat milk and honey.  

This health focused, creamy green smoothie is packed full of natural immune boosting antioxidants and vitamins to help keep those colds at bay! Science shows that you can boost your immune system by consuming the right fruit and veg and this smoothie is a perfect example. Simple, delicious and ideal for health conscious attendees.

Immune Booster


Watermelon, banana and fresh apple juice.

We love a thirst quencher! Watermelon is one of the most hydrating fruits so this smoothie will certainly refresh your guests. The banana and apple provides this smoothie with some body and a more rounded flavour profile. A favourite in the summer months!

Melon Refresher


Mango, banana, spinach and almond milk.

Another summer banger! The fresh mango paired with banana gives this smoothie a mouthwatering tropical edge. This healthy smoothie is jam-packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, and more. It’s also vegan, completely naturally sweetened, and gluten free.

Mango Medley


Blueberries, banana, oats, dairy milk and honey.

Our supercharged breakfast smoothie is packed with fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Oats act as a slow-release fuel, so this smoothie will keep your guests energised throughout the day. Plus, who doesn’t like blueberries and banana as a winning combo? 

Breakfast Smoothie

We hope you enjoy making our recipes at home and have gained an insight into our delicious Smoothie Bar services at Social Espresso. In short, it’s a simple and healthy way to get guests excited at your next event! As the bars are self contained, we provide all of the equipment, staff and fruit to get up and running. Your own event staff can put their minds at ease! Pick from our recipe selection and we can craft a menu tailored specifically to your brand. This includes brand specific smoothie names (if needed), custom cup branding and a fully branded bar. Sound good? Get ready to have the best looking stand in your venue that everyone will be talking about!

Interested in booking our mobile smoothie bar for your event? Pop an email over to [email protected] for a free quote!