We recently ran a 3 and a half day mobile coffee service in Madrid, Spain. Two baristas, one La Marzocco Linea, Mazzer Major and 40kg of a delicious Guatemalan coffee. The only thing left was some fresh milk for those flat white and cappuccino lovers.

If you have been to Spain before, like me you will know most supermakerts do not stock fresh milk, they stock only UHT milk. We have all used UHT milk in times of great need, however for speciality coffee it just doesn’t make the cut. So before we have even booked the flight, I am already researching where we will source the milk.

Once we have touched down, we make our way straight to the venue. With the stand all set up, it is time to venture out to get the milk. An hour and half later and we are back at the venue with enough fresh milk to last for the first day. We made this trip every day to ensure each coffee we served at the exhibition was of the highest quality.

Fresh coffee in a paper cup using fresh milk for a mobile coffee event

For every event, especially abroad events it is important to us, at Social Espresso, that we are prepared for everything. Without the experience or research for this event, who knows how long we would have been walking around to look for fresh milk. It is due to this dedication that you know each time you book an event with us, you will receive the highest quality coffee with the best possible service.