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5 Ways Coffee Bars Increase Footfall at Your Events Stand

November 2021

Hiring mobile coffee bars for your stand at an exhibition, conference or event is a simple way to attract more visitors and spark interest in your brand. During a busy day, a delicious cup of coffee can be a moment of calm amongst the noise, which is always something a guest will remember! In short, it’s a simple, easy way to attract more attention! Here are 5 interesting ways our mobile coffee bars can increase footfall at your stand, and help your company stand out amongst the crowd:

1. Everybody loves a free drink!

This one is pretty obvious… With baristas crafting fresh cups of speciality coffee at your stand, the smell alone is enough to turn heads in your direction. It’s important to cater for every guest out there to bring in as many potential visitors as possible. We do this by providing a wide variety of milks, alternatives, other hot drinks and even smoothies! Once the guests have arrived at your stand and have received their drink, they will be inclined to find out more about your company and what it’s about.

2. Branding in all the right places

Tailored company branding on our bars, cups and baristas themselves is a big part of what we do! It enhances your stand’s overall aesthetic and also provides successful in-venue marketing for your company. When guests leave your stand with a warm cup of coffee and mingle through the busy crowds, your brand logos will be distributed throughout the venue, leaving other guests wondering where your stand is and what it represents! This aids massively at large events when you’re competing with hundreds of other companies and brands for the attention of the crowd. 

3. Extra welcoming faces at your stand

Our friendly, inviting and well trained baristas will become a helpful extension of your existing team. Their excellent customer service will help to circulate a positive experience around your brand for attendees. We always give our baristas as much information about our clients brand’s, products and services as possible so they can answer any questions attendee’s may have, and serve as a helping hand whenever your team may need it. It’s important to know also, that our team will always be completely self sufficient, so your own events staff can focus on what’s most important on your big day!

4. High-end service

Serving high-end artisan, speciality coffee will make lasting impressions on your visitors. This high-end service reflects your high-end product or business, which will certainly leave an impression on your guests. Our speciality trained baristas know coffee like the back of their hand and are always able to create the best possible tasting coffees wherever they may be. We also roast all of our sustainable and ethical coffee in house under Elsewhere Coffee Roasters. These services we provide help to add value to your brand’s presence at the event and also to spark up and start the conversation! 

5. It shows that your company cares

Providing a complimentary (and delicious!) service at your stand, shows that your brand or company cares about its clients and guests. This helps to further engage the attendees as it shows that your brand is as well prepared, professional and organised as can be.       

We here at Social Espresso truly care about the success of our clients’ events, and our team’s consistency, enthusiasm and first class service will help you have the buzziest stand at your exhibition or event! We’ve been all over the world delivering our coffee services to high-end clients, so know that you’re safely in the hands of seasoned professionals!  Get a free quote today and see how we can help your brand excel in any events space.